Project Management

We at NatPRO fully understand the role of an effective Project Manager and the discipline and commitment it takes to plan, organize, secure, manage, lead and control resources to achieve your set goals. With that understating we have comprised one of the largest marketing teams in the world. We have thousands of in house, street team members with an extremely competent team of Project Managers who will ensure that your project has the attention to detail and flawless execution it deserves as we service your needs. Your NatPRO team Project Manager, as your single point of contact, will ensure complete focus and commitment by a single manager that is dedicated to the success of your project. With this type of personalize focus we at NatPRO believe this to be the most effective and efficient way we can spearhead your project to completion and within your budget, schedule and performance constraints. The routine project reports, we provide, will give you clear and definitive insight on the progress of your marketing/promotions campaign.

Street Team Management

Today’s marketing dollars are scarce. The team of NatPRO team understands firsthand the need to efficiently and effectively market within today’s environment. We have dedicated street teams across over 300 worldwide markets with motivations that extend past financial gain. Simply put, we have teams and incentive programs in place that will ensure you receive great value for each dollar you spend with the NatPRO team. Here are just a few techniques:

• Telephone campaigns: SMS/MSM text messaging, Radio/TV station call-ins or contacting a targeted region or demographic.

• Brand Presence: NatPRO team has the manpower and the resources to circulate flyers and poster board or developing a street presence and atmosphere for your brand. NatPRO team has an multitude of resources to showcase your artist/brand.

• Product Placement: We have the manpower for providing samples to consumers in any targeted region or demographic. We also have the contacts and influences to coordinate product placement in music videos, T.V. or movies/plays.

• Synergy: You have a concept and a vision. We have contacts. Once we are able to receive and absorb your concepts, we can leverage this against our extensive network and decades of experience to bring your vision to reality.

Event Planning

Production management, budgeting, securing the perfect site, obtaining permits, travel arrangements, developing the atmosphere, materials and merchandise, security, amenities and the thousand other tasks associated with event planning can oftentimes overwhelm and overpower the original intent of your event. NatPRO team can lift the burden of event planning for you and your organization which will allow you to concentrate on running your business. Telephonically or email or a mixture of the two, NatPRO team will ensure your message is delivered to your target market. There are over 200 major events annually; NatPRO team stays on the leading edge of the event planning discipline. In fact, we may even have an existing event available for partnering that is perfect for your needs which may equate into a cost savings and more energy and attendance around your marketable event.

Brand Ambassador Service

NatPRO team’s decades of promotions experience, extensive street team training programs and global connections enables us to locate and secure a standing army of brand ambassadors ready willing and able to showcase and promote your brand/product. Brand/Product awareness, information and creating an association in the consumers mind between the product and some other aspect (i.e. extreme sport, reliability, sustainability, sex appeal, etc…)

Viral Marketing

NatPRO team uses proven techniques to spread awareness for your product/brand/artist using preexisting social sites. It’s well known that a team of ten can make a strong presence on the worldwide web… Imagine 15,000 motivated and driven individuals pushing you to your viral marketing goals.

Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail. Our mail centers are equipped for both bulk mail and strategic mailings to any location in the world. With Direct Mail we can assist you in reaching your exact target demographic down to the annual income, age and or region. Imagine your flyer going from the mail box to the consumers hand! Need graphics? We can customize that for you as well to ensure a reaction from your potential clients and or future buyers. You might be surprised to learn that as many as half of US consumers prefer direct mail over email, according to an Epsilon study.

Music Service

NatPRO team has the tools and insight to market your artist’s sound/ style.

• Development: From studio production through mastering and visuals, NatPRO team is able to develop your artist’s musical calling card.

• Distribution: Weather via our worldwide street teams, through mixtape distribution networks, or at key events perfect for branding and promoting your artists, NatPRO team is the one stop shop to service your mixtape needs.

DJ Servicing

With active street teams across over 300 worldwide markets, NatPRO team is the cornerstone company to ensure your music is not only known but is also getting the proper attention it needs. We take a hands on approach with your music as we have established relationships in major markets with companies, Djs, radio stations and more. NatPRO can focus on a specific Region or even National when it's time to push your project. Going on tour? Why not send your music out before you hit the city?